2008 NHL Playoffs Predictions

  • Detroit vs Nashville:
Detroit in 6:
You would think it would be easy for Detroit but it won't be, once again Detroit goaltending is a little fishy, and Nashville is a question mark, mason has been way inconsistent, but Ellis has been scary good at times and can steal a few games. Detroit better come ready to play because the preds have a lot less pressure and will just come to play.
In the end i think Detroit experience and better D will win them this serie.

  • San Jose vs Calgary:
San jose in 6: (God i hope)
OK, i'm a shark fan ans should like what i'm seeing, yet i hate this matchup. For one they are playing against the former goalie and GM which can't be a plus. Second the flames have Ingila, that guy is just too damn good at everything and can win games all alone. They also have Phaneuf which i don't like at ll but is an effective player (similar in my books to Pronger). On top of that they love to play physical/dirty and whoever wins is likely to be banged up by the second round.
For the sharks to win to me it comes down to shutting down Ingila, not sure who can do it, but i think either thorton himself or Grier could do a good job at it.
I think the shark will win because they are deeper in front and have faster Defennse, with the addition of Campbell a huge plus.
I hope this is when Marleau wakes up, he is been a reliable playoff performer so far.
I found one good thing about this matchup: since it's Calgary it will be broadcast on CBC, so i'll be able to watch my shraks a lot (from Seattle, WA).
Go sharks !
  • Minnesota vs Colorado:
Colorado? in 7:
I'm not sure i can figure this one out. In theory i like Minnesota goaltending better but then Theodore has been great .. but can he be consistent ?
Minnesota plays better Defense ... but Colorado has better offense .. on paper.
I think Colorado should win cause they just have a lot of snipers and it will be hard for Minnesota to shut them all down, and Minnesota only wins in low scoring games.
Of course you wonder how the smaller avs forward will be playing against those big mean wild players (Fedoruk, Simon, Booguard and al) ? do they get beat-up or do they skate circles around them ?
In the end i think Colorado wins because of the extra scoring touch.
Either way i think whoever wins this won't pass the second round, so who cares.
  • Anaheim vs Dallas:
Anaheim in 6:
I know the season record says the stars are better, but since their big trade they haven't played well (too many changes if you ask me), Turco is good but Giguere is better, i think the ducks have better D in particular and should win this fairly easily.

  • Montreal vs Boston:
Montreal in 5:
Even without Koivu Montreal should have no problems with Boston, for one they swept them this season(8 games), but basically Boston can only win if the other team get 2 goals or less(since they don't score much), even with Thomas heroics i don't think they can keep the high scoring canadiens down. I think Thomas/Chara will combine to win 1 game for Boston.
  • Pittsburgh vs Ottawa:
Pittsburgh in 6:
I don't like Fleury much (though he has been great lately) but i'll take him over any Ottawa goalie anyday, on top of that Alfredson is out, and without him Spezza and Heatley don't do much ... so i don't see Ottawa going anywhere unless one of their goalie can post a save percentage over 920.
  • Washington vs Philadelphia:
Washinton in 7:
This is a tough one to call.
Washington is the sexy peak and i wish them the best, i believe Ovechkin will step up is game one more step in the playoffs because it's just the kind of player he is. I also believe in my countrymen Christobal Huet, he is way underrated and one of the big reasons why the caps won most games, Kolzig is no pickle either if they need him at some point.
Now Philadelphia is easy to write down because they had a bad stretch at the end of the season, but Biron is a good golaie too, coming out of a shootout, and you know the flyers are gonna try to hit Ovechkin and his line day and night(hopefully they don't hurt him) and be goons.
I think Washington is gonna want it more and i like their team all around, especially they have better D than philly.
While ovechkin will be at his best, i think the difference will be made by less heralded players like Huet, Mike Green(rocks!) and fedorov (and maybe that 3rd line that keeps on contributing), they are young and confident and on a roll.
This surely will be a fun to watch serie, physical and probably fairly high scoring.
  • New Jersey vs New York rangers:
Rangers in 6:
This is a tough one to call, the devils have Brodeur in net once again and yes it's a factor, but Lundqvist CAN match him, and the rangers team is just better all around than those annoying low scoring devils.
I think this is the time of the year where Drury, Gomez and Shanahan pay off.
This is going to be low scoring of course, and i bet that is what NBC will carry once again (Is it just me or out of ~20 tv games, a good 18 featured the rangers or penguins ... come on !!)


If i'm right with my first round predictions, the second round matchups would be:

DET vs COL: Detroit would win that i think.
SJ vs ANA: San Jose would win that i hope.
MON vs Rangers: Rangers win.
PIT vs Wash: Pittsburgh wins.

so i would have SJC/DET & PIT/NYR in the semifinals.


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