2008 NHL Trade deadline deals ratings

It started slow but ended pretty busy with some good deals, some very odd ones and some big surprises.

Anaheim: B-
They did not do much(they don't need to), added a veteran backup in Aubin, and yet another D(what for ??) in Bergeron.
One think i don't get, is why did they not kepp Bryzgalov until now instead of putting him on weavers 2 month ago , they could have done a killing trading him at the deadline ... see what Dallas got !

Atlanta: A+
Lost Hossa and Dupuis for Esposito, Armstrong, Christensen and a 1st round pick.
They got really really good return for Hossa, who would have walked away this summer anyway.
Esposito is a great prospect, Christensen is very skilled and underrated (and a shootout expert),and Armstrong is a good physical guy they can use. plus the 1st round pick !
I think Atlanta did great !

Boston: C-
Did nothing at all ! They could have use an offensive player to get in the playoffs.

Buffalo: C
Well at least Campbell is not gonna go for nothing, but i though they would get better that that for him.
Bernier is a good power forward but that's easier to find that a good, puck moving defensemen like Campbell. even with the pick i'm surprised they did not get more.
I think the rangers maybe tried to get him too, but they are in the same division and they had not much to offer.

Calgary: C
They did nothing, but they probably probably don't need to.

Carolina: C+
Ruutu for Ladd ... hum apple to oranges i guess.
Few days back they got Corvo and Eaves, which i think are a good fit for them.
Corvo especially.

Chicago: B
It was expected Chicago would do some big moves, but nothing interesting here. Ladd and a round pick,nothing exciting.
I guess it's good that for once they are just gonna wait and let their young stars develop.

Columbus: C
Traded Foot and Fedorov, for some draft picks, not great, but i guess they are able to remove aging guys and continue rebuilding with fresh legs. I guess this year is a write-off though.

Colorado: E
Got Foot, Salei and Forsberg, for most;y draft picks.
I don't get this, they are mortgaging the future for some aging guys and they might not even make playoffs !
Foot is OK, might help them a bit. Salei is OK too, nothing special. and Forsberg .... i think that's not gonna work, i'm not a fan of his in Colorado: because: he probably will take ice time away from Sakic and Stastny, he might not play(or not well), he will probably take stupid penalties(he always does) and ... i don't know i don't trust him a bit.
If they miss the playoffs they will look like morons next summer.
If they make the playoffs they are actually potentially dangerous but they still don't have good enough goalies to do damage.

Dallas: B+
Richards and Holmquist for Smith(goalie), Johkinen and Halpern
I don't know, Richards is pretty good, but they might ruin the great chemistry they have ... but thge added scoring touch is a great complement for Dallas.
In the short term it's a great (but spendy) deal, what i wonder is down the road, when Turco gets too old, what do they have to replace him now? they let go of both Smith and Ellis, they better have some more good goalies coming up later ....

Detroit: B
Brad stuart for a pick.
Good Band-aid for the short time while all their D is injured, are they gonna need him after this season ?

Edmonton: B
Did nothing but i think it's oOK, they got good young guys and should be competitive next year.

Florida: D
Chad Kilger for a pick ... OK
I don't think they should have traded Jokinnen, but at the same time what makes them better down the road ?
Unless they do something this summer they might miss the playoffs again next year.

Los Angeles: D
They got some picks for stuart but i guess they could not sell to anybody their other overpaid, under performing aging guys, so stuck with the same guys next year ... they should have traded everything possible for picks.

Montreal: F
Just when i though they had a shot at going deep in the playoffs, they trade their starter goalie for ... peanuts (2nd round pick), where can you get a goalie with numbers like this for this cheap.
Now they are gonna rely on a rookie in the playoffs(if they make it).
Why do they go for picks the year they can do well in the playoffs ??
I think Huet is an underrated goalie, he has great numbers even though he played for teams questionable in defense (Montreal and LA), he kept them competitive in the last 2+ seasons and gets nothing for it.
Stupid trade!

Minnesota: C-
The thinking here is: the ducks out muscled us last year so lets get tougher with Chris Simon.
OK, having both Simon and the Boogie man chasing you is scary enough .... but do you want to waste two roster spots for those 2 ??
They are a good team nevertheless, but they could have done a more useful deal than that.

Nashville: C+
Nothing happening here... i guess they figured their team is doing good for cheap and learned from last year big mistake of signing Forsberg. No need wasting more money for a team nobody watches (in Nashville at least).
They got Hlavac at the very end ... dunno i think he is better than what he did in Tmpa, maybe a good pick long term.

New Jersey: B+
Bryce Salvador for Cam Jensen.
Great deal for NJ, Jensen is not very useful besides for PIM in fantasy leagues, whereas Salvador is a basic, but reliable defenseman.
NJ has found that offense can win you game too, and salvador will help their D at very little cost, so that makes them a dangerous team in the playoffs.

N.Y Rangers: D
Backman for a fourth round pick, not a bad trade for the rangers, Backman is a decent D-man and they can use this, but not the big splash (Kaberle, Boyle or Campbell) some expected.
Sjostrom, Leneuveu, Gratton for Montoya, Hossa ... weird trade, i guess they just wanted to trade Montoya since they are not using him (Lundqvist, Valliquette) ... but is that all you get for such a high pick and prospect ??
Besides don't they have way too many forwards now and still a so-so D ??

N.Y Islanders: B
No big splash but smaller, smart moves.
The new york islanders got rid of Simon (good for them), got some picks and got a physical denfenseman they can use in Rob Davison ... he can be almost as fiesty as Simon, but is much more useful overall and a lot less dangerous.

Ottawa: C+
They got martin Lapointe .. what for ? .. i guess they wanted a veteran or something, not sure what he adds to this team though.
They made their more important deal few days earlier by getting tough D Commodore and Scorer Stillman.
I think that move was pretty good for them.
No big splash .... they did not trade a goalie after all.

Phoenix: B+
Montoya and Marcel Hossa from the Rangers.
Whoo .. good trade for phoenix, the only thing is .. what do they need another goalie for ??
Good picks for the future though and they didn't give too much away, they have lots of young forwards anyhow and Montoya could turn out being a huge asset in the future.

Philadelphia: A-
Prospal for Picard and a pick.
I think this could be good for them, they sure have some talent up front, and Prospal should help while carter is out.
He potentially could be more than that too .... at times he can be a great player but is millage seem to vary a lot.
He could get good wingers in Philly, so i think it's a good trade for them and they didn't overpay.

Pittsburgh: B+
Hall Gill for some picks, good addition for them, a reliable veteran which they can use on their blue line.
Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis for Christensen, Armstrong and Esposito
Whoo ! well in the short term it's great for the penguins, on the other hand you wonder about chemistry after such a deal and the fact they traded a lot of good young talent/prospect.
I think they realize they won't be able to keep Malkin,Crosby,Staal etc.. forever so they will try to go for the cup right now.
It makes them one of the scariest opponent for sure in this year playoffs, in the long run i wonder whether they overpaid, i guess it all depends how far they go in the playoffs ....

St Louis: D
Got Cam Jansen and also some picks for Backman
I guess they don't really want to try to make the playoffs this year after all.
Continuing the rebuilding i guess .....

San Jose: A+
Signed Brian Boucher... not a big deal but an experienced backup is definitely a big plus here.
Got Brian Campbell for Bernier and a 1st round pick: Whoo exactly what the doctor ordered, since Preissing was traded they where missing a puck moving defenceman (Especially because of Carle slump).
I was hoping they would got Boyle, Campbell or Kubina.
Campbell is a great pick he is young skilled, fast and can hit too, he should also improve the PP, and hopefully will be signed this summer (or before).
Finally we got a big name on D !
I think it's good we kept Marleau too, he might be in a slumped but i would not have trades him cheap, he is an young yet greatly experienced player, and hopefully he will recover is touch.
They also got Joddy Shelley, a role player(but not just a goon) that could come in handy in a match-up with say ... Anaheim and their tough guys.

Tampa Bay: B+
First a big plus for keeping Boyle, that guy is worth it (well maybe not the 6+ millions he got .. but still).
Now as for what they got for Richard: good deal: they dumped some salary, got Jokinen and Halpern, 2 reliable guys and finally a decent goalie: Smith (though i think they should have Huet for cheaper).
What i wonder about them: how did they miss Bryzgalov and Huet ??
We will see how smith goes, he seem like a very good goalie, but in Dallas it's easy to look good (good D), so we will see how it goes in Tampa.
If Smith can play well, he could have easily the same effect Bryzgalov did in Phoenix.
Tampa can score, and with boyle back and better Goaltending they will be better.
Picard is also a safe addition in D that should help with that as well and the extra pciks they got should help long term.
On the other hand they seem to be more than ever a one line team now (or is it 2/3 smile ) .....

Toronto: Z-
OK, seriously this is a disaster, they are stuck with the same cast of guys, got no new picks, traded pretty much nothing but Gill and you wonder what the ambiance is in the locker room now.
It's all the fault of the previous GM and is dumb contracts with huge money and non-trade crap, don't blame Sundin .. though i don't understand why he did not go for a shot at the cup somewhere ...
I found it interesting TSN had Ferguson has their trade day "analysts", i think it would be better to to ask my grandma her opinion than him .. he is mostly responsible that big mess in Toronto !

Vancouver: D
Well in the end, after all the talk, the Canucks got Nada significant ... while many teams in the west got some extra scoring.
I guess they saw Luongo was carrying the team by himself lately and that it should be good enough.... well guess what ? it's gonna be the same results as last year !

Washington: A++
OK this time should win the division and make the playoffs now !
They made good trades:
Huet for a 2nd round pick: a HUGE STEAL if you ask me.
Fedorov for some guy i never heard about before smile Ok Fedorov is getting old BUT 1) he can still skate and that could work well with Ovechkin -or Semin- 2) in the worst case he is a great defensive player which is a plus for the Capitals.
They also got Mat Cooke and Alex Giroux, Cooke is a good fit with them too i think.
Kudo's to Washington GM, i think he pulled out very good trades !


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