Hello there, my name is Thibaut Colar.

I'm a sarcastic coder, architect & tech lead, in whichever order is needed.

My interests are software, start-ups, building things, playing and watching hockey and good food.

I currently work at Glympse where I'm replatforming a high volume .NET monolith to a fleet of Go microservices.
Go has been my primary language for over 4 years and I love it.

Here you will find:
Where I talk about many things, mostly related to software development and the start-up life.

Find out about all the open-source software I've written and links to my code repos.

The things I've built over the years, such as a camping trailer, an arcade, a standing desk and more.

Here you will find more info about me and my family, as well as my contact info and resume.
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